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Part 81041 - Standard 'field' stock - in stock @ MGW $120.

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I am with you, watch out some of those people are on here! LOL Same goes for .22 ammo right now. I picked up a brick of 1000 rounds of Winchester M-22 from walmart last weekend. Just by chance the guy was opening the box to put it on the shelf while I was there. I told my wife, watch tomorrow on Backpage someone will be selling this same ammo for twice the price. Sure enough, there it was $95 for what I just paid less than $50 including tax for. Free market, but some of it is a little ridiculous.

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MGW was just selling them for $150 when Benelli got them back in stock. Apparently they bought more than they could sell at that price (although the website ran out of stock rather quickly) or got a new batch. I'm guessing the former, otherwise, why would they drop the price $30? I sold mine for an OBO price during that last run out MGW had and haven't heard any negatives or complaints about the price from the guy who bought it from me. He set the price so I really wouldn't expect any though lol. It was a little more than the Benelli site had it listed for but less than the MGW price. Value is whatever you are willing to pay for something but I have to agree with cspcrx that some of the free market is a little, or even a lotta, ridiculous.

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I just looked at mine. Still in the box and wrapper and it has the sling plate in the stock already. My box says 81041 but I got it from MGW. I would not freak out until it arrives. As best I can tell it would only affect your ability to use a sling, I would think you could also take the one off the pistol grip stock and use that.

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"Descripton: Benelli M4 Standard Synthetic Stock. Includes recoil pad. NOTE: to install this stock you will need a stock swivel plate which is not included. The part number needed is #60343, see below."


So i have to buy the stock and sling plate????

No, you do not need to buy the sling plate. It is on/in the stock already (unless MGW is removing them to sell separately lol).
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Thanks for the heads up. Got mine from mgw and it has the plate. I sent an email to customer service asking why the product page says you have to buy it separately.

now for the stupid question.....

how do I install it?! Lol

just got done replacing my mag tube with the carriercomp (MAJOR pain in the rear), and went to try to put this one on. Didnt see an easy way to get the butt pad off so is there something i am missing?

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