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  1. Same specs, materials, weight? I would be in. Been waiting years.
  2. I and I am sure many others have been holding out for one for years. A bit of a unicorn in these parts now.
  3. cspcrx


    Had a complete AR done, I mean every single part minus the furniture. Came out great, took a while but I was not in a hurry.
  4. cspcrx

    Trap league

    I shot sporting clays with my M4 for several years. My father-n-law has a dedicated Franchi that is better suited but I still had fun. Then late last year, since I enjoy it and we have been going a lot, I found a great deal on a 12g Cordoba and had to jump on it. I do pick up more birds with a proper tool but I still have fun either way. On a side not, the first time I went out the gal at the range asked if I had a gun or needed to rent one. I showed her my M4 with pistol grip stock and side saddle. She responded "that's not going to work". I said sure it will, every time I pull the trigger it goes bang. LOL Some people are a little to serious.
  5. good to hear! I am with you why send in the entire gun for a simple part.
  6. several threads on this if you search but I have the Asgard. I like that it replaced the factory rail that some had issue with and the saddle can be removed. For several years I used my shot gun for more than just defense, like sporting clays, so being able to remove it is nice.
  7. I picket up a Cordoba for Sporting clay and skeet and had similar questions. The answer I got from the guys at the range said the best way to know is to pick your ammo and pattern the gun with different cokes to see which fits the bill best. If you just out to have fun and just starting they said focusing on technique will have a greater impact than getting caught up in chokes. So I just put in my IC and had fun. For sporting clays I went with an LM choke and don't change. I am working more on technique right now. I know someone with more experience can pick my gun up and outshoot me, tells me there is ground to be made up without getting caught up in other factors.
  8. Look great. I had a ar15 done by Robar they do great work!
  9. cspcrx


    great to hear. I hope they start making charging handles some day. Stranger if you stumble upon one put me on your list. haha I am sure I would be #1054 in line for one of those.
  10. Your one of many who want one. I have asked them several times over the last few years and they say it is still on their list of things to produce. When they do i hope they make a bunch!
  11. Wife got me a LM choke for Christmas and the n-laws came through on the thrower! I think my wife was more excited about it then me. Asked here what she was going to shoot it with and she said my Cordoba with the feather light loads. Need to get some more. Merry Christmas all!
  12. cspcrx


    Well worth the wait! I hope they someday will make their charging handles again. I still have not upgraded that part on my M4 waiting for theirs!
  13. Got to go to the sporting clay range Friday with my father-n-law. Just kept an IC choke in it and did ok, this is still a new skill for me. Talked to a couple of guys out there who said the a Mod choke is a better choice for the range we are at. We will be back out there in a few weeks so I will change to the Mod and give it a shot. Overall very please with the Cordoba. Zero failures and ran like a top. the n-laws are going to get us a thrower for Christmas I hear so no I need to focus in on my wife's gun. They also had a used 48L but it is lighter than the Affinity which will only make recoil worse.
  14. Mine is like Mikey, he eats anything. I broke it in wet and with OO, slugs and heavy loads. After that several boxes of bird/skeet loads. The feather lite loads I could find worked perfectly without issue.
  15. Finally held an Affinity at Cabelas last night with the wood stock. She really liked the feel and balance. Fit was really close, which is great, price was $849. Perhaps it will go on sale so I will have to keep my eye out. Only concern I had was some reviews said the recoil was a bit harsh, compared to other 20s. This concerns me, if it kicks she may quickly lose interest. Thanks for the recommendation.
  16. I hear you there. Started several years ago and now her weapon count is quickly catching mine and it is getting crowded in the safe! After fitting mine, I really see how much that will impact the experience. The only thing that concerns me is Benelli doesn't offer shorter stocks just shorter recoil pads. Which means more felt recoil, this still has me thinking the 20 or even a 28 ga might be best for her. I am keeping my eye out for a demo day at the range by us so perhaps she could try some. That is the only challenge with buying a shotgun. Can not actually try it before you buy it, unless someone you know has one.
  17. Thanks for the feedback. Ended up getting a Cordoba on sale and tax free at Sportsman's Warehouse yesterday in 12g. We were looking at a Supersport in 20g but she talked me out of it and told me to get what I wanted because she's worried she may lose interest and then I am stuck. She also said it may be better for her to have her own since the fit is so different. I love her for that, or I should be scared that she figured out a way to get herself another gun. LOL Took some time today to adjust the shims and got it fitted to me. Hopefully I can take it out next weekend.
  18. Glad to hear its on its way. I am still waiting for them to start making their charging handles again. About every 6-8 months I ask about them they say they still plan on making them. fingers crossed!
  19. I started going to the local range with my father-n-law to shoot sporting clays. I have really enjoyed it. I only have one shotgun, an M4, which is not the best tool for the job. Earlier this year the Mrs and my mother-n-law joined us and we rented a 20 gauge to us. Now I am looking at getting a Benelli Sport 2 or Cordoba. The weight of a 12 gauge and kick are to much for my wife. I did well with the 20 as well. Not looking to compete just have fun and with the ports and auto feed system I think the recoil will be very soft on my wife. Any reason not to choose one of these from those who have or have used them. Thanks all.
  20. cspcrx

    FS New Blam4

    sold, thanks all!
  21. cspcrx

    FS New Blam4

    replied to IM thanks
  22. cspcrx

    FS New Blam4

    here you go, sorry phone pics.
  23. cspcrx

    FS New Blam4

    I have a new, in the original packaging and unopened, Corps BLAM4 M4 light mount that I do not need. Wife got it for me, then I got a GG&G mount instead. $40 shipped in the USA. I accept pay pal. Thanks
  24. The ONLY shotgun forum - http://forums.benelliusa.com/
  25. 1st rule of a new firearm, take it apart to clean and lube the snot out of it. 2nd rules of a new firearm, take it apart to clean and lube the not out of it. 3rd rule of a new firearm, take it out and shoot heavy loads in it then clean and lube it. Seriously though the rod should move freely. If you still have issues contact benelli because that is not right.
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