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best way to contact customer service


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I just got a Franchi I-12 and several things were missing in the box and the mid bead fell off before I had finished my first 2 boxes of shells :( I have attempted to call Benelli Customer Service but "please wait while we transfer your call never results in anything but silence. I also tried sending a question to Franchi through their website but haven't gotten a response, if I dont get one early next week i would like to know the next best way to contact them, Thanks


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I assume this is a new gun, bought at a store, not a used gun?


Have you talked to the store where you bought it? At least the items missing in the box they should be able to deal with (after all, it is their responsability to check the box before giving it to you). On the bead that fell off, they might claim that it is covered by the manufacturers warranty, but even in that case, it behooves them to deal with the manufacturer for the warranty repair (although gun stores sometimes like to dump that task on the customer, fortunately that hasn't happened to me yet).

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I doubt there are many used I-12's yet, most Franchi dealers are still waiting for their 1st shipments of this brand new gun.


Just FYI - I have heard several reports of defective I-12's right out of the box - one guy's broke while the employee at Bass Pro was assembling it and he exchanged it right there.


Check those guns before leaving the store!


mudhen - CA

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