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R1 .300 Win Mag Muzzle Brake - Range Report.


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I've been wanting to tame the recoil of my R1 .300 win mag some, so I could maintain my sight picture while shooting successive shots. I hunt big pigs and black bear in thick cover, so I wanted to turn my R1 into a brush gun for that purpose. I sent the barrel to Ryan Pierce of Piercisions Rifles in Iowa. He cut the 24" barrel down a couple of inches and installed one of his muzzle brakes for me, called the mini-mag muscle brake. He has several different ones, but given the narrow diameter of the barrel, this was the only one that he could fit properly. He did a great job, very clean and precise. The finished barrel length is 22" which works well for me now. I would have preferred about 20" like my .30-06 R1 barrel, but his equipment couldn't cut it that short and thread the end.


Range report:

I shot three different loads: Federal Fusions 180 gr., Hornady Interlok 165 gr., and Remington “Managed Recoil” 150 grain core-lokt. I would have to say that on average, the recoil was reduced by about 50% from the standard 24” .300 win mag R1. The Federal fusions and Hornady’s shot like my .30-06 R1, and the low recoil core-lokts shot like my kids 7mm-08. Half inch groups at 50 yards shooting off-hand, too. This is on an original R1 with walnut stock and shortest recoil pad. The muzzle brake is designed to cancel out blast and noise, and it shot very well with no more noise/blast as on a standard barrel. All in all, this is about all I could ask of a muzzle brake and it was a pleasure to shoot. Here are some pictures:








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I don't have a chrono, so not sure if I lost any velocity; however, I did cut my barrel down a couple of inches with the brake, so my comparative numbers wouldn't be valuable anyways. If you call/email Ryan Pierce at Piercision Rifles, he is very knowledgeable and experienced custom rifle maker, so he will answer your question for you. I would not expect a significant loss of velocity on a .300 win mag, and even if you lost 50-100 fps, the gain in accuracy and reduced recoil would be well worth it.

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