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Benelli Duca Di Montefeltro SHOOTING LOW!

Sam. A.S

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Hello everyone..


I recently got a new Benelli duca di montefeltro for hunting. The gun is shooting low. That is, when i consciously align my eye with the rib and the bead, at 5 to 10 yards, using full choke (or any other choke tube), the pattern hits directly under my point of aim. That is 100% below.

Got my friends to shoot it, again with the same result...

I suppose the gun must hit when I consciously aim, that's how it has always been with every other gun I've shot... and fitting the gun with the shims and so is to adjust it so it hits on your instinctive mount. So the results do not conform with my logic and I am totally lost! What could be the problem...


Thanks for your help!

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It is shooting low on both short and long range.. I'm currently hunting woodcocks so you have to take a close shot most of the time.. The ones I've bagged with it are barely hit, which made me pattern my gun on fixed targets... End result, it is shooting low... And I wouldn't want to think that a brand new out of the box benelli would have defects! Frustrating.

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I'd send it back with your complaint. They should be able to immobilize the gun and with a muzzle loaded bore sight confirm your findings. The fix is their call, of course. If they don't stand behind the product, take it to a certified gunsmith and have him do the same and document it. Then, it's a letter from a lawyer that gets the proper attention. Sorry and good luck.

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