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M4 & sporting clays, take two!


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Last year, for the first time, i went and shot sporting clays with my m4 with pistol grip stock and factory choke. Had fun, especially when the lady at the range told me my shotgun " woundnt work" . Seemed to work just fine, not as well as my father-n-laws skeet gun but well enough to have fun.


Tomorrow we are going out again, while the girls make holiday treats. I just installed the field stock, removed my side saddle and installed a full choke to see if that helps at all. I think the full choke will help with the longer shots and the stock will help with swing. Funny thing was after changing it my wife said "what gun is that". Really changes the looks.

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I love it when "experts" make judgements about what a particular firearm will or will not do based on its looks. It's a shotgun for crying out loud. I've shot skeet with my 14" M1 entry gun. With the right choke, it will play any game. It amuses me to see the looks I get when I take my 21" M2 to the skeet, trap and sporting clays range. It does piss some of them off because it's a lot louder than their 30 inch guns shooting target loads. Do I look like I care?:cool: BTW, depending on your sporting clays range, a full choke might just be too much for all except for the longest shots. Take two or three with you. Nothing in the rules says you can't change chokes from station to station. If I just go with one, I'll usually put in a modified. But that's just me.

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