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M4 Gas Tube Question


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I am totally new to Benelli and semi-auto shotguns, so bare with me. I bought a M4 and have not shot it yet. My question is; are the gas pistons supposed to loosely move forward and back freely when you tilt the gun vertical and back. I can hear and see them move forward and back with bolt open. They protrude out the receiver a bit. The issue is it makes an annoying sound as they click back and forth when you turn the gun so gravity drops the piston into the receiver and back. I would somewhat expect the piston to move when the bolt is open, it is supposed to move so loosely. If I load a (practice) round into the chamber and lock the bolt, I can still hear the pistons moving back and forth as I tip the gun while not as prevalent as they contact the bolt but they still move back and forth and I can hear them slide. . I though the piston would sit tight against the bolt when closed and not be able to hear it move back and forth. I just want to ensure that is an expected behavior.



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