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  1. Factory M4 C-Stock with box $225 shipped M4 Field Stock 170 shipped Stocks are used/excellent. Paypal preferred, email is fastest communication
  2. We have given you leads for the last two years. Each time we find you a super-rare NIB 1014 you say it is too expensive, or the serial number is not low enough. Gee whiz, just give up.
  3. C-stock NIBB (New in Beat-up Box) $225 C-stock $200 Field Stocks $150 CarrierComp Ti Tube / New - $225 Price includes shipping. Paypal or MO. Used stocks are excellent. Please email [email protected]
  4. See the post below. I'll put a Field Stock on it if you'd like.
  5. Good used M4. Has Mesa Tactical Premium stock, large bolt handle. Fixed Modified choke so no worries about shooting it out. Rather you guys get it before it goes on GunJoker. $1300 money order or Paypal. 2015-12-06-205452 by Import Express, on Flickr 2015-12-06-205446 by Import Express, on Flickr
  6. Very common question. Carrier Comp is the highest quality and many of us do wait it out. The steel-verse-Ti debate will never end. Titanium is lighter and corrosion proof; however there is very little difference. All the tubes out there are high quality with the some folks reporting issues with DMW. And the factory tube is hard to make 922® compliant.
  7. BLACK

    M4 For Sale $1300

    Got tons of interest in this thing, going thru all the emails and messages now.
  8. Sold Pending Funds Its mine. Might cut a forum member a deal. Maybe http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=467610246
  9. The Geissele hammers are at least as good as factory. Consensus is that no one has been convicted of a stand-alone 922® violation. However it has reportedly been used for an add-on charge to something serious i.e. thru the book at them.
  10. You'll have to PM me if you want to sell it
  11. FFT lists their steel tube as 10.3 ounces and their Ti tube as 5.4 ounces. Debate rages on, but here is the low-down. Screw-on extensions are the worst. They're the heaviest, introduce a lip that shells can hang up on, and hard to be compliant. Full length steel tubes are a good choice. Full length titanium tubes are lightweight and corrosion resistant. The benefits here are minimal, but benefits nonetheless.
  12. I've had to push them to 500 F to get them off, and this takes a while with an average heat gun.
  13. I thought the pads were the same between all three of the stocks?
  14. Recoil Pad Adaptor Made by Noveske of All People
  15. CarrierComp produces quality components for Benelli shotguns and has been doing so for some time. Availability and lead times have been undesirable. The lies, personal attacks and profanity in this discussion will not be tolerated.
  16. I really wish they would just stick to making plastic junk for Mossbergs.
  17. ^^What he said^^ And if you think that is bad, look at a full length Ti tube.
  18. BLACK

    CLP Lube?

    Like American beer. Frickin' nearly water.
  19. BLACK

    CLP Lube?

    In our last lube thread folks were reporting good results with everything from motor oil to grease. I'm starting to think it isn't real important.
  20. This is correct. I don't think you'll have any problems with any factory forend.
  21. Like many firearms-related parts these days: its not what you want, its what you can get.
  22. Thats a great question. Geissele is top quality, you can't go wrong there if you can get one. I'm sure someone will be along shortly about FFT.
  23. They always are. Considering the problems OP is having I'd file those things down quick and make them fit right.
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