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Front sling swivel


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Ok you will need the following items to perform this operation: one light beer, about two cigarettes and a pair of good snap ring pliers(my suggestion is a pair of sears craftsman, comes with several differant heads which can be reversed so that when you squeeze the handle the jaws spread or turn the head over and when you squeeze they close this set also comes with heads that have a 90 degree bend that makes the job sooo much easier will cost you about $10 or $15) Then remove the barrel and place it to the side. now with your handy snap ring pliers with slight pressure the snap ring comes right out of the groove, then lift the sling attachment up and rotate it to the desired location replace the snap ring the same way it came off. then replace barrel, adjust your new Specter gear CQB sling, strap it onto your chest and admire how smart you look while finishing the beer :D smile.gif tongue.gif :cool:

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Many thanks to wingbone for his advice to use Craftsman brand slip ring pliers. I bought the ones from Brownells and they are useless for this application. We do not have Sears here, but I remembered that KMart and Sears are merged now. Quick trip to KMart and back. Job finished in under one minute.And yes, that Specter 2" sling and on-the stock ammo carrier really look cool!

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