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M2 tactical comes stock with 2 shot extension Right?

M2 Tactical

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Originally posted by M2 Tactical:

So to increase I would have to buy a 4 shot extension?


Or could I also use a 2 shot extension then giveing me 2 over the stick configuration.


I am not clear on this.



It is not clear that a factory-new M2 tactical would come with the two-shot extension. A few weeks ago, I chatted with the factory rep for Benelli (at Reed's annual gun sales event in San Jose). He confirmed that Benelli is no longer importing any mag extensions (effect of a pretty silly BATF ruling, for which you can thank Pres. Bush Sr.). I asked what that meant for the guns that come with extensions from the factory, and he said that they will now ship without extensions. The catalog has not been updated yet to reflect that (I don't know about the web pages).


Fortunately, there are still quite a few mag extensions in dealer stock, so you can buy one separately (I was considering this myself, but for now the horror stories I hear about Benelli customer service have convinced me to consider a Remington 1187 instead). Also, there are supposedly other manufacturers that make after-make extensions in the US, but the factory rep didn't know details. In any case, it is very likely that you would be able to buy a 4-shot extension, it might just be a bit of a hassle to have to locate it, and supply of Benelli-made extensions is likely to dry up, driving the prices up.


About your question: I think what you propose is to stack two 2-shot extensions on top of each other, effectively having a 4-shot extension. I've never heard of anyone doing this - which doesn't mean its impossible. I wonder whether the net result would be sturdy and reliable. One problem would be that neither of the 2-shot extensions would come with a spring that's suitable for a 4-shot extension. If you get lucky the 2-shot spring has enough oompf for the longer mag. If not, after-market springs are easy to find.

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