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I bought a M4 about two weeks ago and I love how this thing shoots and the cycle speed it has. Other than pistols, this is the only semi-auto long gun I have.


I have started adding accessories to it but not many. The first thing I added is an ATI Raven Stock. I have read that a lot of you think they are sub-standard or junk. I happen to love the stock. The quality of this one is much better than the furniture on my Mossberg pump.


Next I ordered a Ti CarrierComp magazine tube in the package that comes with the follower and spring. I guess luck was with me and they had just opened up ordering either that day or the day before.


After that I ordered the Freedom Fighter Tactical fore grips and a Magpul RSA QD so that I can use my MS3 sling. I put it on the very rear of the rail for the single point connection.


I also installed the AVA Tactical light mount with a SureFire P2X Fury Defender


So, I think I'm now covered as far as 922® goes.


One last thing I have done is add my Bushnell Holosight to the very front of the rail. It's very old and not made any more but it works great has MUCH smaller footprint that the EoTech does and I finally get to use something that has been sitting around since I bought it.


i think that about does it for me on this gun. Comments are welcome and I also want to thank you guys for helping me research most everything I bought.


~ David

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If used regularly, using the factory receiver rail as a point of attachment for a sling stress point is probably not a long lasting situation.


Will it loosen or twist the rail? I've not read anything about not being able to use the rail for anything. I guess I could see the rail twisting or something just curious as to what you are suggesting.

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