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  1. I would say that most of the time that happened to me it was from a weak shoulder!
  2. I thought it was ironic that the price of the breecher is being talked about on this thread and the last thing on that page reads "Benelli - Performance Worth the Price".
  3. Nope... Mine did it too. That's why I bought the Benelli stock on another thread. I think the stock is ok (not OK) but there are defiantly shortcomings! ~ David
  4. I have shot PLENTY of high brass thru it. And, I have never had a problem with that, just low brass target loads. That said, I have not tried anything other than Federal target loads - yet. I'll try another brand. Maybe it will like that better? Although I have never had the thing "dripping with lubricants" of any type, I have used Enos' red Slide-Glide on the bolt area as well as a little Rem-Oil or equivalent. It did cycle these loads better after I installed the CarrierComp tube and Wolf spring. But as stated, I had a couple of FTE but my daughter who is learning had quite a few.
  5. I kinda thought that. I have not done anything to the M4 that would cause it to shoot differently with that shell/load than the first few times where I had so many FTE's that I just shot buckshot till my shoulder hurt. Then last time with my daughter we both took some lessons and it worked out much better. On my next outing with it I will concentrate on stance and stiffening up the shoulder to see how that works. Thanks!
  6. I took my 13 year old daughter to the range last Saturday. She wanted to shoot my Ed Brown Special Operations .45 (carry weapon) and the now finished Benelli M4. She had quite a few FTE's and I had a couple. I am wondering if this could be caused by a "limp shoulder" caused by a weak stance or not bracing enough. We were shooting Federal target loads as I did not want my daughter hating the M4 by having her shoot 00 or slugs the first time out ~ Nothing but smiles from her by the way!
  7. I use the Magpul M3 something or other. It is a single/double point convertible sling but I use the single point on another Magpul something or other attached to the top rail right behind my optic. I think all of this info is in my signature
  8. I'm going to try and put some kind of camo effect on it - NOT TAPE - but somehow put something on it that will not impede use but kinda hide the gun. I already have a call in to Nitro for shell/choke combo. Also, I'm going all"camp" in my clothing either. I will get a good face cover but for clothing, I'm going to use stuff that I can also wear on the street without looking like one of the Robertson's! My Holosight should work great especially at +/- yo yards.
  9. SilencerCo's new suppressor for 12ga. Shown off on an M4!
  10. Truckcop, Yep, that's the one I'm gonna use! The only other shotgun I have is a Browning Cynergy O/U. Great gun for clays and upland. But I think this will be perfect for turkey. I have a Bushnell Holosight on it and will zero/pattern it for 40 yds. But thanks for the info and slight ribbing as well! ~ David
  11. Seriously. Going on a private jet/guided turkey hunt in November at a full service all inclusive ranch for week with four other guys for a hunt of, at least my, a lifetime. I have a Benelli M4 and will use that. Still trying to to figure out what choke and Nitro shells combination. Any help would greatly appreciated. But do I have to have a shell limiter as well? Never hunted turkey before so SUPER newbie. ~ David
  12. I will say though; it takes two to tango. I tried doing it myself with the knees yesterday...no dice. Today I did it with one of my employees and it took less than five minutes. ~ David
  13. I got mine yesterday. By the way, they come vis USPS.
  14. Yea, I got my confirmation today as well...a little under four months. I have everything ready to get it installed once it arrives. ~David
  15. DSteagall

    M4 mods

    I have the Raven stock on my M4 and love it. The recoil pad and grip are awsome and I can shoot slugs and Buck all day with just a little rosette on my shoulder an no bruising. I did not get the whole system. I just got the stock. I also have an AVA light mount and it was not useable with ATI's forearm. I got a FFT forearms stock instead. There are a lot of people here who seem to hate them and everyone has opinions. Just giving you mine.
  16. DSteagall


    I don't want to high jack jk6672's thread. but I was using the same shells as he was and mine ran flawlessly. As far as speed, I'm still trying to get used to shooting fast so I don't think I would have noticed what he is speaking of. The only thing I did notice was that my face was sore from grinning ear-to-ear!!!
  17. DSteagall


    My M4 is new as well. I have probably put 75-100 rounds of the Remington Buck thru it. I have also tried Federal target loads and I get a FTE with almost every round sometimes two. I thought they would be able to run those thru without problems. I have tried it dry and with SlideGlide (red) on the bolt. I don't recommend using slide glide...A pretty tough cleanup will be waiting for you. So now the only thing I use is Militec-1. I use it to coat the firearm inside and out then heat up the gun to get it into the metal and also as lube. This is still now allowing me to run the Federal targe
  18. I have the Px2 Fury Defender... and I change my batteries by unscrewing the head part of the light so that I don't have to remove the light from my AVA mount.
  19. AVA, The snap rings that have been mentioned here before have worked for me. Although, they do take away from great design, they work. Before I installed these rings, I had my P2 Fury fall off the gun onto the ground. That is when I told you that I also lost one of the mount screws as well. I now have everything back together and it seems to work fine and it doesn't look all that bad.
  20. Trying to post pics. I'll get it figured out.
  21. Will it loosen or twist the rail? I've not read anything about not being able to use the rail for anything. I guess I could see the rail twisting or something just curious as to what you are suggesting.
  22. I bought a M4 about two weeks ago and I love how this thing shoots and the cycle speed it has. Other than pistols, this is the only semi-auto long gun I have. I have started adding accessories to it but not many. The first thing I added is an ATI Raven Stock. I have read that a lot of you think they are sub-standard or junk. I happen to love the stock. The quality of this one is much better than the furniture on my Mossberg pump. Next I ordered a Ti CarrierComp magazine tube in the package that comes with the follower and spring. I guess luck was with me and they had just opened up o
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