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Fix a ding on rib?


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I just got a brand new Legacy. Beautiful gun!!! Only had it out of the box for thirty minutes, and I accidently bumped it against one of my other guns. Now I have a shiny ding on the top the sighting rib. Is there a way I can get rid of this shiny ding on my beautiful new gun? Bluing, or something?

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Cold blue works pretty good, but it only works on steel. Some brand names are Birchwood Casey (available at Wal-Mart) and Oxpho Blue.


If the ding is on aluminum, Birchwood Casey makes a product called Aluminum Black that works well.


Follow the directions. Clean surfaces are important.



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Is my rib aluminum, or steel like the barrel? I tried the bluing, and it helped a little, but the ding is still quite noticable. It's like three of the tiny little ridges on the rib got flattened out. I'm thinking it's a softer material than steel, or the ridges wouldn't have flattened so easily. So, perhaps the rib is aluminum, and maybe I should try the Aluminum Black?

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The ridges are steel, but the design makes them thin and therefore succeptible to damage such as you've incurred.


One thing I don't like about my SBEII is the way the cuts on the rib run crossways (a ***** (female dog) to clean) and the way they are so thin, like fins.


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