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killer benelli m4 h2o deal


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For the ppl new to Armslist, it is no different than any other online forum for buying and selling, there are, and always will be people trying to take advantage of others. This listing is a perfect example and has all the hallmarks of a scam. 1) A relatively rare, high dollar item, 2) No city listed (Arizona, Arizona), 3) No phone number listed, 4) Listings by user reveals 2 other relatively rare, high dollar items for sale - FN SCAR and Keltec KSG, 5) I haven't verified it with this listing, but about 9 times out of 10 you can find the same item with the same pics on GunBroker, GunsAmerica, AuctionArms, etc. IOW, the poster 'steals' the pics from a legitimate listing on another site. 6) Often you can find identical Armslist listings with identical pictures and verbiage in multiple cities and/or states.

These are just some I the things I have noticed that are common with these scam listings, others may have additional insight. When you see these, FLAG THEM..Armslist requires very few people to flag the item before it gets removed - I'm not certain what the number is but I think it is 3 - 5 unique 'flags'. Just my $.02...

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Per a Moderator friend at ARMSLIST, over 60% of what is on there are scams. With that said I've found some great deals on ARMSLIST, but I always insist on the Seller send me a copy of his DL/CCW or put me in touch with his FFL (I send the FFL the money and he ships the firearm). When they don't respond with any of those, then I know it is a scam.

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He has 3 scam listings. Yep they are scams. Everyone should flag them all so they get pulled before he actually does rip someone off. He's already increasing the price of the guns also to get out of some poor sap as much as possible.

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