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  1. Anyone know of a rifled choke for the M4? Love this gun, may take it deer hunting this year
  2. Damn the bad luck.........
  3. Quite a bit of difference in the pressure exerted on a 5.56mm cam pin vs the one in the Benelli
  4. I completely understand.........and I agreed with you original suggestion. i am sure the OP realized that, I just thought it was a bit callous to wage the "I told you so" flag in his face.
  5. That's cold...... OP,......gods to hear you got it sorted out.
  6. If you ever need to shoot in low light, in a real-world defensive situation, you will not notice the glare. great lookin build up
  7. A little..........but as rusty as I am? That would take a few hours to translate
  8. One would think that after the second, he would have learned it was an inferior product!
  9. Very much appreciated............
  10. You will love the AVA mount,,........simply a work of art for the M4!
  11. BoreSnake and a bit of lube. I detail strip, clean and lube every 500 shells.
  12. Benelli was my choice.......works just fine for me!
  13. I've gotten May pair of those gloves from work,.....just never tried them at the range. I appreciate your thoughts on these. When I was active duty, many years ago, nomex flight gloves were the best available
  14. I have a pair or two of those.......they do work well
  15. I applies some Ed's Red to mine,........matches the Benelli finish perfectly
  16. Been wearing flight gloves with a few tips cut off for years
  17. Mine worked straight out of the box..........did your's?
  18. That is the advice I was given...........by you I believe. Mine has never skipped a beat!
  19. Did id ya miss post #15?.........it even had pictures.
  20. Neve stated that they would not fix the problem. These M4s are widely known for needing a few hundred rounds fired for break in. Would suck to see it fail with the Fiocchi when you get it back.
  21. I understand that,.....and completely agree. What I was meaning was this, "it would really suck to get the Benelli back and find out the issue was the OP's ammo" that is what I was trying to state about having the same results after sending it to Benelli
  22. i completely agree........just makes sense. OP i think you are not giving it the chance it deserves, however, your gun, your call. i just hope that you do not have the same results when it returns from Benelli.
  23. Anything Redjacket is a POS abomination that is best drowned in the swamp.
  24. Good points,......personally, would just love one for the collection. i do not believe I would shoot it, I have a standard M4 for that
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