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cut finger from sbe II


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Anyone experience a blister or cut from the receiver of sbe II on their trigger finger? Nova pump did not do this as it was rounded above the trigger guard. Sbe II caused me to bleed after many shots on a recent duck hunt. Gun is new to me. It now appears that a callous is forming at the abrasion site. Not that big of a deal but annoying. I do not think tape would stick to the gun at this spot. Any other ideas?

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An engineer died and was sent to Heaven.

Upon his arrival at the pearly gates, he was told that Heaven was full of engineers and really didn't need anymore, since they were already so many that it was nearly impossible to get anything done.


The engineer was promptly transferred to Purgatory.


A few weeks later, God calls Satan and checks to see how things are going.

Satan informs God that since the arrival of the engineer, things are going quite well.

"As you know, we already had 99% of the contractors, so it was just a matter of getting them steered in the right direction. We now have running water, air conditioning, refrigeration, and we're even looking at making some snow next week so we can all go skiing!"


God was furious.

"You will have to send me that engineer immediately!"

"It was an accounting error, and he was never supposed to go to you in the first place!"


Satan replied, "I'm keeping him".


"I'll sue you!!" , bellowed the Creator, as lightning and thunder crashed in the distance.


Smugly, confidently, the Dark One responded,

"...And where is YOUR lawyer?" :D

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I had the same problem with my Benelli SBE II when I first shot it.


BUT I have held it tight since then, and never had anymore problems.


I don't wear gloves when I shoot. At least when it's warm out.


So just hold it TIGHT and you should be ok.

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