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Magazine spring sqeaking when loading shells


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I just recently upgraded the 5-mag tube to 7-round tube. The tube I've chosen is the factory Benelli OEM 7-round magazine tube. I reused the factory spring that came with the gun. I have cleaned and polished the inside of the tube the best I could and lubricated the string a little (I have read a post somewhere from StrangerDanger that it is not advised to lubricate the mag tube at all) however the spring squeaks quite a lot when loading shells into the tube. Now I don't remember if this was an issue with the original 5 mag tube however this is pretty annoying and sound cheap for $1500+ gun.


Anyone experiencing the same ? If so, what's the remedy ?


Thanks in advance!


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... still pretty annoying though


You might want to try replacing the spring with the Wolff spring that comes with the CC 7 rnd mag tubes. Looks like you reused the stock 5 rnd spring, so a 7 rnd spring might be in order, squeaking or not. Not that its relevant, but I have the CC 7 rnd mag tube and spring, and the squeaking option was not included!

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