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SBE bolt question


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I have a SBE that was made in 1999 according to the "BM" mark as described in this link.




My question is why does the bolt resemble everything I read for the SBE2 bolt? Are they in fact the same bolt assemblies?


I'll be first to admit that what I have here is a good problem. I'm just curious as to why the Big Fat Bolt handle from Nordic Components fits even though it says it will only fit the M2 and SBE2. I bought a used SBE2 barrel and it fit as well except that the forend needed a tiny bit of interior plastic removal for the barrel/magazine lug to fit.


One more question, if I wanted to make my black shotgun into a camo one could I just purchase SBE2 furniture? (Comfortech stock, barrel, forend, and mag cap) I know the receiver would still be black, but that's cool with me.

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Yes, they are the same. Some of the very old ones had a round handle and bolt handle cut in the bolt body back towards 92, 93. They are just talking current production. If you want camo the way you're talking it will cost about 1000.00 BTW Comfort Tech stuff will not fit the SBE1 (at least the stock). I'd just send it out to a camo company to have it coated. May only be about 350.00. Many to choose from on the net.

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