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M4 Fore-end do's and don'ts


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On 7/22/2022 at 11:35 AM, RxArms said:

...there is no pressure on the middle ring at all when firing the gun. I can understand Benelli view here, the only possible reason why that would snap off would be because of interference from a metal foregrip.

The OEM foregrip is polymer and has some give to it.  I suspect this is for a reason, in case the barrel doesn’t seat properly or goes a bit loose or polymer is out of spec, the polymer will flex and won’t put any pressure on the guide ring.  Unless you are referring to the front ring and not the middle ring?

You're probably describing the problem. Barrels "whip" when fired. Since the M4 barrel is supported at the receiver, and by the muzzle, the middle likely is doing all the moving.  Unforgiving metal materials,  tighter fit all together,  throw in some staking tolerance issues  and it just doesn't have the ability to move like it needs to. The welds/braze/solder or whatever means they're using doesn't have the shear strength for the added force. 

Probably a tolerances issue, because for every one person it breaks of for, there's probably fifty it doesn't. 

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