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Grouse & Pheasant gun


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I'm planning to buy a shotgun for Grouse & Pheasant hunting. I'll likely only do this a couple of times a year so I wanted to keep this to around $1000.


I'm thinking of a 20 gauge Montelfeltro, A 20 gauge CZ Ringneck or a 20 gauge Ithaca SKB.


I've only gone on one hunting trip with friends (I did not carry a firearm) and had a great time with the overall experience and thought it would be a lot of fun. I'm not a shotgun guy (mostly revolvers and a Marlin 30-30).

Just looking for any thoughts from the Forum prior to making a purchase.


Thank you !

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Can't advise on the other two but you'll find it hard to go wrong with the Benelli. Although, for the amount of use it's going to get, my advise is to go with something like a Remington 870. It's a workhorse, cheap, and a good intro gun. You can always upgrade to something else if you really get into it. I've taken mine on our annual pheasant hunt a couple of times just for grins. Shot just as many birds, had just a much fun. Benelli Nova is another good choice. Also a cheap intro gun. My 2 cents, for what it's worth.

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