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Nordic Comp +2 Extension holds 3 rounds... my SNT holds 8 total now ?


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quick question, I am sorry to bother everyone with what seems like one of those good kinds of problems..


Around Father's Day last year, I bought my father a LimbSaver precision-fit recoil pad and Nordic Components +2 magazine extension for his newer-at-the-time Benelli SuperNova Tactical SteadyGrip shotgun. I installed both but hadn't had the time to test the gun out at the time.


We have been doing some shooting with it and while it is an amazing, awesome gun- the thing is, it holds 8 rounds now. Full-size rounds, 00 Buck and Federal 7 1/2, 8-shot bird shots, even slugs. I thought it was a 4+1 gun, with the +2 Extension it's a 6+1 gun, 7 rounds. It is holding 8 rounds now... and working perfectly.


I just want to make sure, there is no downside to this right? Am I looking at it wrong or overlooking some detail? Otherwise it's all good , right?



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Yup thank you very much for pointing that out - I am aware of the fact that Benelli (Nova) and SuperNova models all accept the trio of standard 2 3/4" shells, 3" 'magnum' shells, and 3 1/2" 'Super Magnum' shells. That is one of the reasons I have always admired and wanted a SuperNova, and bought my first in March 2010. (I bought a all black, 'tactical/turkey'-style 24" SuperNova SteadyGrip on sale for an amazing price, but it was not what I wanted in my heart and got sold during a fund crisis... but finally lucked into the SNT I wanted last year or so )...


In this particular case, I am indeed referring to straight-up 2 3/4" shells of all the same size. As I mentioned, I believe that the gun, plus Nordic +2 extension, is supposed to hold 7 shells total, I can hold 8 shells. And I tested this with basic target loads (Federal value pack 7 1/2 and 8-shot birdshots), full-power 00 Buck of 2 or 3 different brands, and basic 1" rifled slugs... all held 8.


I am thinking it is one of two things , I may have trimmed the magazine spring in such a way that gives me just enough room to hold the 8th shell while not sacrificing any feeding power, OR, I have not used a hi-performance / replacement follower... I was going to order a new follower to go with the gifts of the extension and recoil pad, but the one follower I found for the SuperNovas was like $40 .. which seemed to me like highway robbery.




Anyway, for now, I chalk this up to luck or one of those good kinds of problems , I get to hold 8 shells instead of 7, but I just wanted to see if there was something I was overlooking or not realizing or if anyone else had this experience.

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