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My daughter is just starting to shoot junior high trap. She is shooting her 12 gauge M2. Can someone recommend a spare parts list for her M2 that I should have on hand, when we are traveling to shoots?

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Just now seeing this. Not to sound like a fan-boy (ok, I am), but I've been shooting my old 90's M1 since . . . well, the 90's. I've shot uncountable rounds of skeet, sporting clays, and other such pursuits. It has been to South Dakota for our annual pheasant hunt at least 10 times. Nothing has ever broken since I've had it. In all my time of doing such stuff, I've only seen one Benelli go down due to a parts breakage. A first generation Super Black Eagle went down due to breakage of the link. At that time the SBE link was a cast part that has since been upgraded. I also go to three-gun events and a large percentage of the shooters go with Benelli's, especially the M2 and older M1's. I guess it could have happened but I've never seen one break down. If your daughter's gun is running without any issues, it's probably going to keep running. I can't really think of a spare parts list to include with your travels. I've usually got a spare gun along with me just in case but I've never had to use it due to the main gun going down. I'll shoot it every now and then, just because.

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I coach a SCTP team of 31 guns. We have 5 M2s including one lefty and two more on order. My son shot his competitively for 2 years (probably 8,000 rounds). The only thing I'd take with me is the stuff to keep it clean. I mean really clean. I don't think we've seen 5 FTF/FTE in total. The only issues I have ever seen with the M2 or the Montefeltros has been running too dirty. Headed to Sparta?

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