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Removal of Montefeltro Recoil Pad

The Rattler

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I have a Montefeltro with a wooden buttstock purchased in May of 2013. To improve the fit of the shotgun for me, I had my gunsmith trim or cut down the comb of the buttstock.


I intend to refinish it myself. My problem is how to remove the Recoil Pad. Page 110 of the owners' manual indicates that there is a butt plate or recoil pad that is attached by screws for the wood stocks. I am unable, however, to locate holes on my recoil pad for such screws.


Information from another shotgun forum indicates that later model Montefeltros have a recoil pad that "snaps" on and off. On the other hand, some of their posters indicate that their pads use screws, but they may be owners of older Montefeltros.


I came to the Benelli Forum to find the best expertise for this question. Can anyone help?

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Never seen a wood stock version with a snap-on pad. (but I haven't seen every one either) Do a little careful probing with a small Phillips head screwdriver an inch or so near the top and bottom on the centerline of the pad and you may find the holes. I've always seen small holes there but I've also seen little slits that are almost impossible to see depending on the pad material. If you find them the pads are usually held on by a Phillips head screw. Put a little Vaseline or other lubrication on the end of a larger Phillips head driver to take them out. The usually gets you into the pad and on the screw head without buggering up the pad.

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As it turns out, the recoil pad is not attached by screws. Instead, it is attached by 2 long rubber sides on both sides of the pad that fit into slots on both of the sides. You pull it off.


This is is contrary to the information & diagram on page 110 of the owners manual regarding wood stocks. A few pages later is the explanation & diagram for recoil pads for synthetic stocks. That also represents the pad for the pad on my Montefeltro wood stock. In other words the recoil pad for both wooden and synthetic stocks are the same.


Have others found instances where the owners manual had incorrect information?

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