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Nova Tactical Magazine Capacity


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Hi, new to the forum, first post here. My Nova Tactical can almost fit five 2.75" shells in the standard magazine, to the point where it seems that clipping a couple of coils off the recoil spring might let the fifth one in. Has anyone tried this, to see if it affects reliability? Or any idea why they didn't make the mag tube just a fraction longer? Thanks!

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I wouldn't mess with the spring. Try different ammo, there are slight variations between brands/loads and they are not all an equal length.


Post what ammo you are using that won't fit 5 in the tube - some other members may be able to offer more insight if they know the ammo.

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You're exactly right about the different lengths. I've tried Federal Premium 00 buck, generic Remington slugs, and Winchester PDX1. Federals are the longest, Winchesters the shortest--the fifth Winchester is only shy about the thickness of the rim. Even if a fifth shell would fit, though, I wondered about maybe binding the spring or leaving it that compressed for a long time.

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The 2-3/4" specification is the maximum length allowed for the fired cartridge, i.e. with the crimped petals opened up. That specification keeps the opened cartridge contained within the limits of a 2-3/4" chambered barrel and the ejection port dimension is similarly designed to eject the opened up 2-3/4" cartridge. So the length of the unfired cartridge is otherwise irrelevant.


If you want to increase capacity, use the shortest shells!


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