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  1. I have, they say they are not interested in doing more. Really sucks, but that's where we are unfortunately.
  2. As always, nice work. Looks awesome.
  3. Me likey. May your wait time be short
  4. I may just have to get one of these. I have a T-1 in a LaRue low mount on a Kip pic rail. This would simplify and lighten things up for sure. Nice job!
  5. You can do all the work yourself using the picture guides from this site. The mag tube swap is seriously a 2 out of 5 on the difficulty scale. All you need is a heat gun and some patients. There are lots of people here to ask if you need help on anything. The ammo you bought will function fine but if you haven't shot it yet get a few boxes of cheap full power loads and shoot those first to break it in. Run the gun wet - lack of lube will cause more issues than ammo. Enjoy the gun and good luck with your upgrades.
  6. Yes, the factory 5 round tube will work, it just doesnt help with 922r. The carriercomp tube is lighter, and adds value to the gun as they are recognized as high quality.
  7. Welcome! Changing the mag tube should not destroy the original tube. With heat in the right place the loctite will burn off and the tube can be twisted out. Its a much simpler job than it seems, and there is an excellent picture walkthrough on this site. In regards to the receiver extension, its not really a simple task. If you are sure you don't have a three notch extension, contact StrangerDanger and see if he is willing to do the work. He has a lot of experience in that area, and all the proper tools. Good luck with your mods, and happy shooting!
  8. I read on another forum that Geissele is stopping production of their M4 hammers. Just wanted to pass on the info for those that don't have one, better act fast if you find one in stock somewhere.
  9. Very happy to help! Are you planning to build your upper as well, or buy a complete one? Do you have a stock and buffer tube kit selected? If not, take a look at BCM, you can get everything in one kit. BCM is a great company, and the parts are all top notch. I would consider them for an upper as well if you are not building and don't have one in mind. Great selection, just have to catch the one you want in stock. If you don't have a stock in mind (they have other colors, I just linked black as its common): http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/BCM-GUNFIGHTER-s-Stock-Mod-0-KIT-Black-p/bcm-gfsk-mod-0-blk.htm If you have a stock in mind and just want all the other parts: http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/Stock-Hardware-Mounting-Kit-Mil-Spec-p/bcm-stock-hardware-kit.htm We will of course want pics when you get it all finished! Good luck with it - let me know if there is anything else I can help with.
  10. A lower parts kit will typically contain the pins/springs/parts you need for the bolt catch, trigger guard, pivot and takedown pins and grip. The SSA will include the hammer and trigger pins only. If you can post a link to the lower parts kit you are looking at I would gladly check to see if you will have everything you need. Here is a link to a CA compliant parts kit that includes everything but the trigger, trigger guard, and grip - three very commonly upgraded parts. This way you pick the parts you like up front and don't waste money on parts you don't need in a kit. https://www.cmmginc.com/shop/lower-parts-kit-ar15-gun-builders-kit-ca/
  11. Agreed. I think the SSA is perfect because of the balance you get with the feel and the pull weight.
  12. Geissele SSA. Two stage combat trigger, great feel, but not ultra light. http://geissele.com/super-semi-automatic-ssar-trigger.html
  13. I wouldn't mess with the spring. Try different ammo, there are slight variations between brands/loads and they are not all an equal length. Post what ammo you are using that won't fit 5 in the tube - some other members may be able to offer more insight if they know the ammo.
  14. This is my ONLY shotgun forum - http://forums.benelliusa.com/ Thanks for the chance - I always enjoy these giveaways.
  15. T-1, LaRue low mount, Kip rail. I like it.
  16. black_dog

    CLP Lube?

    I use CLP to clean with, but lube with Slip 2000 EWL. Heard good things about fireclean, need it give it a try.
  17. I have had great luck with Trulock - very good customer service - I recommend them without hesitation.
  18. Same thing for me as well. The 5.11 soft cases are very nice.
  19. This is great news! I will be picking up a couple for my M4.
  20. GREAT customer service at TruLock, highly recommended.
  21. True, but still a hassle nobody really should have to deal with. Its a wonder to me that they are still around when they say one thing, and do another.
  22. Good ol' botach. Sorry dude - I hope it gets worked out for you.
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