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Grip Cap For Montefeltro

The Rattler

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I somehow lost my grip cap on the bottom end of the pistol grip of my Montefeltro that I bought a little over 2 years ago. Since it leaves a hole uncovered and exposed, I think it prudent to replace the missing grip cap,I asked Benelli about replacing it and was referred to Brownells.


I have 3 questions:


1. The only Benelli grip cap I found on Brownells website is for a Super 90. Will this fit my Montefeltro? The picture appears to have one long & one short "leg" on the sides & no screw hole in the middle. The bottom of my pistol grip has an indention for the cap and a hole in the middle as if it is to be attached by a screw. Could it be that this (Brownells grip cap) is for a synthetic buttstock? Mine is wooden.


2. Are there several models of Benellis that have the same basic design, & hence parts for one can be used on the others? If so, which group does Montefeltro fall into?


3. The grip cap on Brownells site seems rather pricey, $28.00. I saw an ultra light grip cap with one hole in the center on Numerich's site for $30.00. That seems to be a lot for a small & seemingly insignificant item. Is there an alternative that would not appear to to be an armature - like replacement that sticks out like a sore thumb?



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