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Benelli M4 -- carriercomp muted finish tube compared to NP3


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Bought this tube for a project. It's going on a Benelli M4 H20. No one was sure how close the match to NP3 would be. It's fairly close, but noticeably different.


I've been told by another member that NP3 adhered to their carriercomp titanium tube. So I'm going to send it off to Robar for a better match for the client.

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Oh, one word of caution though. I had Robar do NP3+ on different parts of the gun at different times (don't ask, it's a long story).


Anyhow, it came back looking mismatched, they said this can and does happen, the "tint" of the NP3 changes depending on the batch, etc I suppose. So if you're trying to match existing NP3, just be aware

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