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M1 shotgun sight question


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Does the M1 shotgun rear open rifle sight come in different heights to adjust elevation? I need a taller rear sight and would rather not file the front sight down.


Just in case... Does anyone know the size dovetail Benelli uses in case I gotta make one?



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Just a quick FYI. The M1 Tac with rifle sights is a close up gun. You do know it is not meant for any long range work? This is why there have been no replies because there are no other sights Benelli makes. If by chance you still want to pursue this then by all means do so. You will have to learn how to measure the dovetail and design one on your own. There are companies out there that do make what you need but you need to think outside the box. And it has nothing to do with shotguns or rifles. Many of us here could tell you but what fun would that be and the learning process is so important.

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BG, Thanks for the reply. I see we're almost neighbors. :)


Fully aware of a shotgun's limits and range. Just need a taller rear sight to bring my shots to center at 50 yds. After some research, considering other open sights that will fit the existing dovetail.


All the best, Bill

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