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hi everyone black eagle ?


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Other than styling changes (trigger guard/forend) the only real difference I can think of is the II is available with the ComforTech stock. On some of the older I's, the link (the arm on the back of the bolt that pushes in on the recoil tube) was a cast-metal part that was prone to breakage, especially when using the 3/3.5" heavy loads. It was upgraded in later versions.

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the limited edition super black eagles are the best investment,the older ones being of higher value because of there vintage ,,there are some great deals out there for the older sbe,lets say pre sbe2,what type of deal you got going on??

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Guest GunCrazyD

the SBE 2 has the availability of a comfortech stock..redesigned trigger guard and the crio choke system....


limited edition SBE's may go up in value..but an plain SBE1 will not gain any value anytime soon...and some of the parts are getting harder to find..the factory will not make parts anymore for the older guns....so i would go with a SBE2 if you want a functional and supported gun...

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