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Cerakote Services in Las Vegas?


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I picked-up a used M4, the receiver is pretty rough and I would like to have it refinished w/Cerakote.


Looking for recommendations for local shops in Las Vegas that produce solid work.


I don't like the look of the Dark Earth thinking about a flat black, perhaps something comparable to the factor color.


Any suggestions?

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I don't know of any specific coater in the Vegas area. For Cerakote, I usually ship to a company named Controlled Chaos. Their rates are reasonable.


I didn't like the Benelli's FDE or even their new burnt bronze. Their new burnt bronze looks like the rubbed a Hersey bar on the receiver.


Here is one of mine in Burnt Bronze Cerakote with an interior of Nickel Boron.


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WMD Guns handled my M4. I disassembled it completely for them and they coated the receiver in nickel boron, then applied a matte burnt bronze Cerakote to the exterior.


It was pretty reasonable considering how complicated the order was. I think I paid around 275 - 300 for the process. However, I do prefer the NP3+ finish to nickel boron.


You'll have a hard time getting an exact match on any Cerakote that is done at different times. There is always some shading variations. It's like trying to match up FDE from various manufacturers. Example, here is Benelli's version of Dark Earth.


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