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Locking head Retaining pin is breaking


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Hello all,


I have a R1 chambered in 308. bought it used and the seller told me it had about 40 rounds thru it-- i kind of believe it based on the condition and that was why he said he was selling it-- never used it.--plus he had my money when he told me that so why lie.


Anyway put about 100 rounds through it over 3-4 trips to the range and found the "locking head retaining pin" had broken upon cleaning it. (I do clean it every time I shot it). Anyway ordered another and installed-- on a hunting trip i found it had broken also !!! I estimate again about 150 rounds. I've ordered another AND a spare but changing this out every 100-200 rounds in crazy! Anyone else having this trouble? Solutions??


oh only shooting factory ammo-- NUMEROUS types as I was trying to find what it liked the most.


for those more technically inclined, the break looks like a low cycle fatigue failure-- inception-- growth--- sudden failure area.


thanks for your help-- Joel A.

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It is the "locking head retaining pin" (the one the firing pin goes completely thru) not the firing pin retaining pin with the o-ring. As far as the "short action block" I don't know. It has the one I received with it. I believe this is the factory one as I don't believe the gentleman i purchased it from changed anything.

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I would have to think that something is wrong then. I have worked on many of these and never seen a broken locking head pin on an R1. Make sure it is for an R1 as they are different from the shotgun locking head pins. Check the number on the locking head and make sure it corresponds to the one on the barrel. There should be a plastic, forked looking block in the back of the receiver being held in by the trigger assembly that can be seen if you take the barrel off. Without this, the bolt can travel too far rearward and that may be the cause of the breakage. This is all guess work without seeing it but sounds like it could be serious. I'd think about letting Benelli take a look at it.

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"gunny"-- I appreciate your time and help.


1) I have checked the numbers and they match.

2) The "plastic fork part" IS there-- I see what you mean about rearward over travel if it was missing.


If I choose to send it to a gunsmith do you recommend Benelli or do you know of a good smith that understands R1s and or the ARGO operating system?


BTW I do also own a MR1 (223) and have hundreds of rounds thru it with no problem. I say this to say that I am confident that I am assembling the bolt and reassembling the firearm correctly. (which is not easy the first couple of times a person does it :o)


Thanks again -- Joel

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Dear Gunny or Joela,


I experience the same problem on a R1 300WM: Locking head retaining pin broke twice.

I have read the posts here but can not locate the "plastic, forked looking block in the back of the receiver".

Can you give me the part ref number (see pictures)

Thanks for helping.





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