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Zero a Benelli M4


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Is there a protocol to zeroing this Shotgun? It is my first SG and I want it zeroed before my 4 day class. What would be the distance, group size. I bought 25 federal slugs to accomplish the task. I was planning similar to an AR15 with 50 yards being the distance. Group with three adjust and confirm zero. At 50 yards how much should each click move point of impact.

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If you've already chosen the slugs then group size will be whatever that particular slug will give you with your particular shotgun at the distance you choose to sight-in. Due to variations in shotgun barrels, i.e., length, choke, etc., and slug types, i.e., Foster, Brenneke, weight, manufacturer, etc., slug ballistics aren't as easily determined on paper as high-velocity rifle bullets. Since you're not trying different brands and types of ammo then you're going to be stuck with what you've got. Fifty yards is a suitable range for slugs although you might want to start a bit closer, maybe 25, to make sure you're at least on paper with your slug. Then it's just a matter of dialing it in for your desired range. For the same reasons noted above, the amount of adjustment needed to make a desired change in impact will be specific to your slug. You'll just have to trial-and-error it.

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