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Benelli M4 GG&G parts review -- pictures


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After a 3 and a half month wait, which required me to b*tch up a storm to get the pieces even then, I finally received my order.

I ordered the following:


GG&G Accucam EOTech scope mount

GG&G Benelli oversized bolt release

GG&G Benelli oversized charging handle


To install these simple 3 things, took me nearly 3 hours to do so. Mainly for the oversized bolt release. The instructions which came with the parts were weak, and didn't help much at all.


It is absolutely mandatory that you have a proper set of punches to properly remove the bolt release. Trying to use a screw driver will not work. Roll pins are a royal PITA to remove.

Removing the stock button isn't too difficult with the proper tools. Be sure to observe where the spring is on the bolt release. Once it is apart, there is little that will indicate how it goes back together. The only thing that saved me was the wear marks from the spring on the inside of the receiver and on the assembly. Not much holds the spring in place, so reassembly is a 3 hand job if you do not have the weapon in a vice. I avoid putting alluminum receiver weapons in vices without a receiver block. No such block exists that I know of. So I had the wife help with the holding of the punch and so on.


Aligning the holes for the new roll pin is a PITA. You must put the pin in the proper depth, or it will not allow you to install the bolt because the pin protrudes into the receiver rail area if not in far enough. Too far, and the pin will stick out the bottom of the receiver and not fully support the bolt release at the top.


The oversized charging handle is super easy to install. It pops in just like the factory one. The new one is very nice. It rotates when you hold it. The large knurled knob gives a better hand grip over the small stock one.


The accucam mount for the EOtech is an interesting design. It is rather simple once you've handled it. You simply remove the thumb screw that comes with the EOtech, remove the two torx screws from the left hand side of the scope. The accucam has a large pin that fits in where the factory thumb screw was, and screws into the cam at the other side of the scope. You then screw the accucam to the scope from the two torx holes that you previously removed from the protective shroud.

The accucam is adjustable. You remove a big flat head screw from the pivot point, this has a long thin pin that fits into a hexhead screw that has holes drilled on all of its axises. This pin locks the hexhead in place once you've tightened it to the torque you wish.

I encountered a problem with this pin though. It is so thin and flimsy, that it broke on me when I reinstalled it. I was able to fix it though.



Ratings of each piece:


Oversized charging handle

Excellent upgrade for the price. My only concern is the slight added weight hooked to bolt/bolt carrier. The weight is nearly identical to the stock one amazingly, but there is a little more mass.

I'd give it a 9/10


Oversized bolt release

Amazing once its installed. It should come like this from Benelli. Much quicker to locate. If I had the tips and instructions I wrote out above, the 3 hour job would of been 30 minutes. The price is steep though.

I'd give it a 5/10


GG&G Accucam EOTech Mount

Pretty easy to install, and maintains a zero very well. I co-witness with the laser, so checking its zero is easy for me to do without shooting it. Only thing I didn't like was that retaining pin in the tension lock. Since this device isn't really a mount, I don't think it should cost as much as it does. This device is a fancy way of using the stock cam lock.

I'd give it a 7.5/10


Overall for GG&G's service, I'd give them a 3/10, and I'm being generous. I was lied to on at least 5 occassions about the status of my order. I ordered on 1/9/05, and just received them today on 3/28/05.

Order from a 3rd party if possible. It is generally cheaper and faster. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the accucam at the time from anyone else.

Only when I got nasty with GG&G's customer service did my order get resolved and taken care of.


Now for the pictures!



















Click the hyperlink for a larger image.


I'm doing all my small upgrades while I wait for Surefire to release the M80 rail system.



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Yes, you have to drill and tap it. I had my gunsmith do it while I was on vacation so the M4 would not be down out of my use. When I first used it I was supprised how easy one can close the bolt now. I like it. smile.gif


I just also contacted 3 Gun Gear for there 8 round Side Saddle. I do have the Tac-Star Side saddle right now but I don't like the way it get rid of the trigger pin. So I will see how it works with the 3 Gun Gear sidesaddle.


[ 04-03-2005, 05:10 AM: Message edited by: RABMP5 ]

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Please do a review on the 3 gun gear version. I hate the way the tacstar attatches to the receiver. But I do like the firm rubber molded shell holders. The elastic types usually are a huge PITA to put fresh shells into.

Don't you have to glue the 3 gun gear carrier to the receiver?

They should make a tacstar that mounts to the top rail and drops over the side. WHen my Benelli goes to Robar, I might try to get them mount the carrier without the use of the trigger pin.


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Depends what I'm blasting. For clays I use #7 or 8 shot. Home defense, I feed it OO buck. I feed it an asorted amount of slugs for sighting purposes and general mahem.

I'm thinking about buying some Hornady TAP ammo for home defense loads.



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