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Benelli M2 Field Scope Mount Possible?


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Have an M2 Field 12g (not the "tactical" model) with the receiver not drilled and tapped for mounts.


From what I've read, the top of the receiver is too thin to do this.

Have three barrels for this gun and love it. One is a rifled slug barrel.

Bought it prior to noting the lack of mounting points. (I know, shoulda gotten an M4.)


Does anyone know if any way to mount a scope on this receiver? Looks like there is an aftermarket rail out there that has a forward mount on the barrel/extended mag tube clamp, but still needs somewhere to mount on receiver. Or can it be welded to receiver instead of drilled and tapped? Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom...even if it's just a straight up "NO--forget about it!".


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I drilled, threaded and installed a picatinny rail on the top of the receiver of my Remington 870. I installed this MESA Tactical rail and in the description it talks about being a drop in fit for the Benelli M2 as well as the M2 Tactical. I think you're good to go with any M2 Tactical compatible rail if you don't want the MESA Tactical part.


I bought this thread tap and this drill bit. A lot of people recommend buying multiple thread taps if you break one, but you really do not need more than one. Just tap nice and easy, use lube and often back the tap out and clean it. If you do that for each hole you will not have any issues.

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I drilled & tapped a M1 receiver for a RDS so it is possible to mount a rail. As noted in the thread, I did run a bead of JB Weld on the bottom of the rail as an added precaution. That may be a necessity if you're mounting a full-sized scope. I doubt I really needed to do it for the RMR.


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