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release button drops shell on loading rail


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Your problem is with the Shell Stop.  It could be as simple as the Shell Stop Spring not being inserted correctly.  If you have a set of punches, it is a simple matter to remove the Shell Stop and re-insert it with the spring correctly positioned.  If this still does not solve your problem, you may need to increase the bend angle on the Shell Stop.  This is a piece of spring steel so bend carefully.  Remove from gun and trace the existing profile on a piece of paper (or compare to a similar part from another gun).  Bend a little, reassemble, and test.  Repeat as needed. Good luck.

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Hello, over time the carrier latch will wear slightly, this will eventually cause the release of multiple shells from the magazine.  Here is a previous post i posted to replace the carrier latch.  The carrier latch can be purchased from Brownells or Midwest Gun Parts, be sure to order the correct one.  I just replace 2 for customers in the past few weeks. 

Please feel free to reach out to me if you need more guidance.  


[email protected]


That's great. Of course I can help you with your Carrier Latch. I'm sure the part you ordered from Brownell is the exact part number that your M2 came with. This part is a redesign since the M1. You mentioned you ordered a follower as well. The part was changed on the M2, i'm not so sure for the better. If you look at the Sure Cycle MAGAZINE kit, they have a Magazine Upgrade System for most Benelli 12 gauge shotguns. Includes a stainless steel magazine spring, red anodized aluminum follower and 3-shot plug.

This kit provide a Stainless Spring a Anodized follower and a anodized plug. The anodized parts are very precise and are very well made. I personally have these in my hunting guns primarily because I was going to purchase a new spring anyway and I really like the anodized plug.


When replacing the carrier latch you will need a fine drift punch to drive the carrier latch pin from the bottom through the top. When installing the new Latch and pin if you purchase one you will need to start the latch pin from the bottom driving the pin into position. This may require some a helper to hold the latch into position. Driving the pin to far into the receiver which will interfere with the bolt assembly movement.


Please let me know if you need some additional guidance.


[email protected]

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