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Shipping times?


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Well, that probably depends.


Did they special order it from their warehouse? Or do they have a distributor they use? Or do they purchase directly from Benelli? Is the gun in stock at any of the 3 locations previously listed? Are there solar flares that day? Will Bass Pro have the gun delivered at the same time as an additional order to save on shipping?


There are probably too many unknowns to answer really. Figure they'll choose the cheapest shipping method for cost reasons, so 5-7 days to arrive. And 1-2 days at Bass Pro for processing internally. Add in 1-2 days at Benelli if the product is currently in-stock (you wouldn't believe how delayed internationally made items can be after 9/11).


This is all conjecture of course. You might call customer service and ask them what their average turn-around time is for an ordered item once the order is received.


I'd say under two weeks would be good turn-around for a special order.

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