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Issues installing pistol grip stock on my m2 tactical


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I recently purchased a benelli m2 tactical it has the comfort tech stock on it. I purchased the pistol grip stock And attempted to install it and it does not seem to work.  seems as if it’s too short Or it doesn’t quite fit. Has anyone ever had this or similar issue with replacement or changing out the stock. Not sure if it’s because of the configuration I got it with has something to do with it. Has anyone had this issue ? Is there different size bolt where the nut screws on to secure the stock. 

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First of all you need to make sure the pistol grip stock is designed for the M2 and not the M1.  The interface between the stock and receiver is different between the two.  Otherwise, just what do you mean " . . . it doesn't quite fit"?  The attachment of the two types of stocks are different.  The pistol grip stock ordinarily uses a sling plate that goes through a slot in the stock and the mounting lug on the back of the recoil spring tube goes through the hole in the middle of the plate.  The standard stocks use a different type of locking plate to secure the stock with the lug still going through a hole in the middle.  There may be differences in the stock retaining screw between the comfort tech stock and the pistol grip stock.  I've removed a number of pistol grip stocks and replaced them with field stocks over the years but I don't remember any issues with mounting.  But those were primarily the older M1 guns and not the newer M2's.

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