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Everything posted by Derrick

  1. Derrick

    SBE3 Extractor

    That sounds tricky. I was helping a buddy installing the brake kit and xd wheels on his truck when he mentioned he's having hard time removing the extractor. We'll check it out this weekend.
  2. Derrick

    Magnum Blends from HeviShot

    I've met a guy who uses blends for turkey hunting with good success.
  3. Derrick

    Changing out tactical stock to fixed stock.

    That explains how to do the trick.
  4. Derrick

    Someone stole my M4 trigger assembly

    That's terrible to hear. Hope that can still turn out ok.
  5. Derrick

    Benelli M4 trigger group parts

    Good to hear about the amazing job by Briley.
  6. Derrick

    Question: Ethos safety switch

    Sounds interesting works.
  7. Derrick

    Question: Ethos safety switch

    Curious about this process. Anyone here done it?
  8. That sounds tricky to install the grip. How's it John?
  9. Derrick

    M2 Magazine Follower Jammed

    Good to hear it doesn't have to replace the follower. It must be advisable to schedule the cleaning at every 500 round or so.
  10. Derrick

    Auto-loading lifter for M2

    That looks a very nice lifter for M2!