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Benelli M4 Collapsible Stock 70085


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Pardon the thread revive - I have the same question; looks like these are around $250 but out of stock everywhere. The few folks that have them are asking twice that in some cases. I don't mind being patient, assuming the OP was onto something with the batches thing. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks.

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Purely supply and demand, which is completely sporadic and unpredictable. Best source is www.benelliparts.net but I see he's gone up 33% on his C-stock price since the end of last year. The one I sold this past January was like new off a safe queen and it took me a while to sell it at $265 shipped. At the peak demand/shortage about 8-9 years ago C-stocks were selling on gunjoker for up to $800.

I see that benelliparts.net currently shows C-stocks available currently for $399. I seriously doubt you're going to find them any cheaper at this point. Owner of benelliparts.net is a forum member here who many forum members have done business with, he's a good guy to deal with.

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BenelliParts.net guy is excellent to deal with.

Seems I got lucky with the timing on the high/low prices on that collapsible stock. Wish I bought a second for the 14"/entry/NFA I may or may not ever buy. . . .

It's cringey the cost of this part, and the 922R stuff you need to also buy to put it on. . . not even sure it's especially practical for the $; but hot *dang* is it cool to have it on the gun. . ..

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