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Feed/ammo issues

Kevin smith

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I just got back from my second time at the range with my benelli m4. I bought reduced recoil rounds by fiocchi because they were cheaper and I really wanted to put the weapon through its paces. For starters I had trouble fitting in 5 shells in the mag tube and on top of that after the second shot the bolt wouldn't advance all the way for number 3 and when I pulled the trigger it just clicked. I quickly left and once I got home I noticed mag tube cap was alike loose and so was the forgrip. I righted very thing up and loaded federal 00 buck and the seemed to fit like normal.  is reduced recoil not meant for a semi shotgun or what? Can someone plz tell me if they hav had an issue like this.  Thanks much everyone is awesome and helpful. 

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Not at all an uncommon experience with a brand new gun shooting LR rounds. Some have said to "break in" these guns you should fire at least a couple hundred rounds of full power loads before you try any low recoil stuff.

As for ammo, I have read many times on the 'net about people having these issues with the bargain brands of ammo, particularly Fiocchi. Both not fitting and reliability issues. Cheap stuff isn't always worth the money savings. Reliability is foremost. Personally, I only use Federal and Remington ammo in my M4.

My advice, shoot a couple hundred rounds of full power American made stuff, then try the Fiocchi again if you want but, in any case, I don't recommend shooting any LR stuff rated below 1300 fps. People have claimed ftf's and fte's even with Federal's 1145 fps stuff.

And, have fun, the M4 is an awesome shotgun! 




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I should of listened to the little voice in my head that said don't buy em  thanks a lot for ur knowledge Evo, I appreciate it greatly. I always use brass instead of steel with my ar15 because like you I agree with the old adage u get what you pay for. I guess from now on i will only use quality shells in my benelli. Btw u really know your stuff because these shells are rated exactly what u said. Lol thanx again!


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