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Choke for sporting targets


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Hi, I'm new to Benelli and was wondering what choke people mainly use for sporting clays, do you use one and leave it in there or do you tend to change at each stand if necessary.

If you do mainly use one choke, which one?


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Newbie here, also.

I am usually using IM choke but might move up or down based on what is happening at a particular stand.  The place I go to generally mixes up where the clays start and where they are going so that an open choke may get you on one clay but not the other.  Occasionally, a stand is essentially a skeet shoot and I open up the choke.  Once in a while, a stand is like a 27 yard line trap shot where I need a full choke to reach.

My son (who is better than me) almost always shoots true doubles after a "practice" round of singles at a station.  He uses IM and sometimes full.  However, the last time we shot, there was a double stand that he put in a skeet choke and hit both clays with one shot three times.  He was pretty geeked.  

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That is pretty impressive and sounds like he has a good "eye" for it.  I know there is a lot of debate on this very topic out there.  I shoot more Trap than anything else, but have done some sporting clays from time to time.  I have been going with Skeet choke on top and IM on bottom.  I'm by no means great at it, but for me I would prefer to keep the same chokes for each station.  A little more realistic from a hunting standpoint.  

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