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anybody use red dot sights

300lb shark

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got a red dot sight for xmas, and cant figure the thing out, seems like the dot moves all over the target depending on my head position. Due to the crappy weather and even more crappy work schedule i havent had the chance to field test it. Are these things any good for accuracy or just for fast target aquisition?


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I use an EOTech 552 on my M4, as well as my AR's. They are good for both rapid target acquisition and accuracy.


Not all "red dot" sights are created equal. EOTech and Aimpoint are as accurate as iron sights once you know how to use them. These sights require consistent cheek-weld to the stock, and work best with both eyes open. A consistent cheek-weld, including head/eye distance from the sight as well as head position (tilt) are required to get consistent accuracy. I found this comes only from "body memory" acquired through lots of practice at the range.


My M4-mounted EOTech is zeroed at 75 yards, following the same basic process used to zero these sights on my AR's. I get the same kind of accuracy out to 75 yards as I do with iron sights when using the EOTech.

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One of the benefits of the red dots is the lack of parallax due to the zero magnification. What this means is that as long as the dot is on the target, the bullet should hit the bull. It's not like a regular scope that needs the reticle to be centered to eliminate parallax, otherwise the bullet will hit off target. Of course, the gun still needs to be held solidly, or you'll miss for that reason, but a quick shot, even if the dot is not centered, should still be on the bull.

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