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M4 hammers, 922(r) compliant, available at ShootingSight.com


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I have completed the first batch of 922(r) compliant hammers for the M4 (though I think that also fits the M1, M2, M3).  These are rolled plate tool steel, wire EDM cut, and NiB coated for smoothness.  laser engraved to identify them as US made.  Price is $85 with free delivery.


These are not 'exact' copies of the factory.  There were two issues I saw with OEM that I addressed:

1. When cocked with my finger off the trigger, the hammer could hang up on the trigger body before the sears came fully into contact.  I'll make a video, but it meant there was a click when you touched the trigger, as the hammer popped fully into position.  I fixed that.
2.  When dry cycling, I got the hammer to drop as it was resetting.  It only happened once or twice, but I added a little meat to the sear to make the handoff more reliable.

As mentioned above, I added NiB coating, which smooths pull and might reduce pull weight slightly - though I have not measured how much.

Also, I've come up with a version that makes it into a 2-stage trigger.  At this stage, pull weight is slightly higher, though this is a work in progress as I explore if there is a demand, and how custom springs can remedy it.  2-stage is typically not sought after in shotgun.  I don't think it will reduce effectiveness, but it might not be a benefit, so we'll see.

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The OEM and my hammer are both a single stage, so that is just a single part swap in your trigger group.  If you want a complete trigger group, that goes for around $300, so you could just buy that and swap in the hammer.  It's only a 3 minute swap.  I'll be posting a video on how to do it.

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Maybe I'm misunderstanding the question.  I make a version of the hammer that makes the fire control be a 2-stage.  Nothing else in the FCG is changed, it is only the design of the hammer I modified to convert it into a 2-stage.  So in both cases, all you do is drop in a replacement hammer, but I have a 1-stage hammer and a 2-stage design.

I'll look for Stranger Danger to post detailed results himself.  He only shot the 1-stage, but was unable to outrun it.

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