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  1. OK, got it. I misunderstood. Thanks for the clarification.
  2. I understand, but I’m asking about the 2 stage fire control group you’ve mentioned in this post as well as your other post where you said it remedied the hammer follow issue.
  3. Thanks. I’d be interested I hearing feedback from Stranger Danger. Also, would you consider making the complete trigger group in a single stage version?
  4. Has any live fire testing been conducted? I’m very interested if it can remedy or at least minimize the hammer follow issue.
  5. If you could fix the hammer follow issue, I'd definitely be interested. I'd prefer it to be single stage though.
  6. Given your response to truckcop about having a click after you pull the trigger, I no longer suspect the action short stroking due to low powered ammo. What StrangerDanger is referring to about your H2O, is that originally, Benelli H2O Models were finished in Robar NP3. Later H2O models were finished in a silver cerakote. I would be willing to take that problematic shotgun off your hands for $1,200.
  7. Do you know the person you bought it from? Could you inquire with them, what type of ammo they've used and if they encountered firing issues? I could be wrong, but I suspect the action is not cycling all the way. Is the Fiocchi buckshot full power or low recoil? Next time you take the shotgun to the range, try bringing different, full power ammo. Load a single round and see if the bolt will lock back after firing. I can somewhat replicate the issue you're having with my Taran Tactical M4, but that's if I'm firing really fast and if the shotgun is dirty. I can pull the trigger before the bolt goes into battery, defeating the disconnector.
  8. How about a little more information before contacting Benelli or sending it in. Did you ask the previous owner if he/she was having the same issues? Do you know how the action of the shotgun works? Try dry firing it, then cycle the bolt and see if the disconnector catches the hammer, or if it follows. What kind of ammunition are you firing? Is the shotgun cleaned and lubed?
  9. Looks similar to my Taran Tactical M4. Why don't you put it together with the follower and shell lifter and see how it looks/works.
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