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M2 and Salvo

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Hello and thanks for letting me in.  After a 423 day wait I finally got approval for my Silencerco Salvo.  Couldn't think of anything I wanted more for a suppressor host than a Benelli.  Found an awesome M2 Tactical on Armslist, ordered my choke adapter, and got her all set up.  Thinking of going with Taran Tactical for my charging handle, bolt release, and safety but also really like the GG&G stuff as well.  Big fan of the knurling.  Want to also change the tube out for a GG&G or Nordic.  Also thinking of adding a Surefire DSF-M1/M2 but not sure how the light will flood below and behind the suppressor.  Wondering if a barrel clamp with a rail would be better?  Anyway please give me insight at your leisure and here is a pics of my new thunder stick


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congrats I also just got my salvo thankfully and weirdly it only took 4 months. Here's mine on my M4 its runs great but the 12" configuration is a bit much for clays though it is quiet.


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