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How bad do you want a M4 Mag Extension?


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Pure Absurdity. I have sold off a bunch of gear the past two months and have been running a 40% rate for deadbeats and scammers ... and this is even for some 'winners' who had positive feedback. Always a red light when a zero feedback bidders bids up multiple times with no other bidders. Good luck to the seller.


As for extensions, if SRM, or even that other guy selling his homebuilt Aluminum or Steel extensions, are going to make something, I'd be more interested if they would make a full length tube, ala the military version. Then we could replace the short factory magazine with the full length tube and not worry about any extension coming loose.


It would be more difficult for us to install (like a Sidewinder) but would be much easier for the manufacturer since there is no inside thread to deal with ... just a straight pipe threaded on both ends. Perhaps someone like Dave's Machine Works could tackle it.

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Well the buyer honored his bid and is the happy owner of an extension that he cannot get anywhere else. Funny thing was, literally an hour after I mailed it off to him, I got a call from my dealer saying an M4 with my name on it had just arrived at the shop and it was mine for $1399. Then it dawned on me that I had already passed on the M1014, and where the heck was I to get an extension--and be darned if I were going to own one without it. All things considered, I would have paid a premium for an extension just as I would any other high demand and low supply item. And although there are alternatives out there being made, they are not factory. Cool for a working gun, but one as an investment piece or for someone that likes things original--they just do not compare.


Good reading and food for good thought.



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