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M1 20ga. slug gun


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Hi folks. I've got a M1 20ga. slug gun and was looking for recommendations on what everyone is shooting. I'm not getting the groups I would like. So far I have shot the Lightfields and Winchester Platinum tips. The lightfields shoot better but I was wondering what all you guys were shooting and what kind of groups you are getting. Thanks.

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-Open sights (iron sights/rifle sight)?

-Scope and power setting?

-Red dot? type and size?


-Are you on a bench w/a rest?


-what range are you 'zeroing' at?


-what SIZE slugs have you been using??


...give the load info off the boxes of all you've tried and what results you've obtained at which distance and weather conditions?




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I'm going to shoot again this week so I'll let you know. Yes, I am shooting off a bench with a Leupold 2x7 scope. I shot at 50 yards the other day and it seemed like I was getting some vertical stringing, may have just been me. I ran out of slugs to confirm this. I have only shot the 2 3/4 in. Lightfield EXP's and the 2 3/4 in. Winchester Platinum Tips so far. I don't know the weight and speed off hand, I pitched all the boxes. I was getting like 2-3 in. groups at 50 yards with the Winchester's being the better of the 2. I'll let you know when I shoot again this week.

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