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If only 2500 limited edition M1014's are to be made, will they be offered in other countries or only the U.S.A.????

If some are going to other countries, how many?

If not, what is the model designation for this shotgun in other countries, M4???

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let me try again.

the limited edition m1014 (see benelli web site) with the american flag, is limited to 2500 copies.

will this version only be sold in the USA? if not, how many will be going to other countries? the non-limited edition (see benelli web site) is called the m4, correct, or is it called something else( ie m1014)

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you're questions are valid,the one question I can answer is yes,to the name of the non limited edition gas operated Benelli,its called the M4,as far as your other questions go, :confused: :confused????????????maybe someone else will come foward with other answers.I know the M1014 bolt carrier is far supierior to all other Benellis because of some extra cutting along the top of the carrier bolt z channel that alows the cam pin to operrate very smoothly. see ya M1014 smile.gif

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I just found out from Benelli that I can not retro fit my M1014 Limited Edition with a collapsible stock. Supposedly the current steel tube can not be removed from the receiver and replaced with one that has the notches. I am sure Benelli has the gunsmithing capabilities to make this modification but seem unwilling to do so. I am now stuck with a $1400 shotgun that can never have a collapsible stock. I will need to purchase another rifle at $1400 just so I can have a collapsible stock. I just can't believe Benelli would do this to their customers especially those buying the limited edition models. This shotgun was meant to have a collapsible stock from the start and now that the AWB is gone Benelli should make it possible for their customers.



I am starting a Benelli boycott through the local shooting clubs in Missouri and I suggest other M1014 owners do the same. This is disgraceful behavior on the part of Benelli especially when it comes to such an expensive rifle. They could have come up with a solution to make this conversion possible. At the very least they should offer to exchange the limited edition for a M4 model with a collapsible stock.

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