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WTB: M4 Telescoping Stock, Part #70085


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Got one!! Someone on a different forum referred me to a friend of his who just has his M4 sitting around. Apparently the gun has less than 500 rounds though it, has a bunch of the good mods, including factory 7 round mag tube and the stock I want. Selling me the stock for $250 and the tube for $150. Pretty happy! 

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Just a heads up, the guy went by the name Richard Boyer.

The wording on his emails seemed a little of but I let the excitement of getting these parts get the better of me. 

He messaged me on SnipersHide this morning but apparently they caught him and he got banned.

In addition to the [email protected] email address he was writing me from, he asked me to send money to [email protected] After that didn't work he tried to get me to send money to [email protected]

When I called him out on being full of shit, he sent me a photo of a drivers license, which is something people on other forums said he would try. 

Just a heads up, watch out for this asshole. I found numerous posts about him on other forums. Apparently the way he works is he'll send you a random message on a forum saying xyz has the item you want for sale then will give you an email address. It's him both times. Other usernames he's used include vbrass1, Johnxxx, Donald3, garyxxx, and taurusking1 He has sometimes gone by Donald McGnity with the email address of [email protected]. Another email address he uses is [email protected]

Attached is a screenshot of the drivers license he tried to send me as "proof". Using a screenshot because I didn't want to download the actual file from the email.

Stay safe, friends.

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 8.46.07 PM.png

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