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Is this a problem or is it no big deal?


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I know I'm very anal and meticulous so I am probably concerned for no reason.  However, I thought I would get the consensus from the collective brain here on the forum.

This is a new trigger and you can see in the pic one of the pin holes is mildly jacked up.  I'm not worried about it form a cosmetic stand point.  My concern is if it could become a stress crack down the road.





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TY sir.  As soon as Wright gets my M4 back to me the install will happen.  They have had her for slightly over 13 weeks now.

Then if I can just get my paint guy to get my CC tube back to me I'll be good.  He painted it a "stainless" cerakote and it looks exactly CC's H2O match which is what I gave him.  I could hardly tell the difference and he barely could either.  He said he might try a satin aluminum but I haven't heard back from him in a bit.  I should have sent it to your guy.

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